Maya Anklet Black Agate

Maya Anklet Black Agate

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  • Gemstone: Black Agate
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  • Metal: gold plated over brass
  • Length: 9.5 inches
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  • Maya Anklet in Red Onyx, Green Onyx and Pearl
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  • Spiritual Meaning: The frequency of Black Agate is related to the Root Chakra. It’s stabilizing energy helps one to be grounded mentally and emotionally so that one may go within to gain insight into negative emotions that are holding one back. Black Agate helps one’s consciousness to open to one’s inner thoughts and feelings so that one is able to acknowledge and release any negative patterns that are not serving one. It helps to stabilize and balance one’s energy fields, so that one feels supported and secure.  
  • Jewelry Care: avoid perfume, sweat and water. Take off first thing when you get home and last to put on before leaving home. Store in the JOY pouch or JOY box when not in use.


Maya, a term for illusion in buddhism, implies the transitory nature of all earthly things. Maya Collection is the second of our seven collections. Saturday, the Indian princess who lives in the Black Pavilion of Saturn tells a story of why she chose the color black. Inspired by the 12th century Persian poems, Haft Peykar, “Seven Princesses”. Each day of the week, a princess from a different culture tells a story of her favorite color.