Emerald City Earrings
Emerald City Earrings
Emerald City Earrings
Emerald City Earrings

Emerald City Earrings

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  • Limited Edition
  • Gemstone: Green Onyx. May Birthstone.
  • Every piece of green onyx is hand cut to create the organic shaped edge. See handmade video.
  • Gold plated ball post and CZ fan charm
  • Crafted at our studio in California.  
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  • Jewelry Care: avoid perfume, sweat and water. Take off first thing when you get home and last to put on before leaving home. Store in the JOY pouch or JOY box when not in use.
  • Matching Necklace Emerald City Necklace and Bracelet Emerald City Bracelet.
  • Presented at 2020 New York Fashion Week, see runway model look.

Protecting Wild Gingko Trees

Every pair of earrings sold = $3 towards protecting the gingko tree.  

"Gingko leaves are my inspirations for the fan charms of the Emerald City Earrings. As a bookworm, I've been using gingko leaves as bookmarks. They hold a special place in my heart." - Christine Joy

Gingko leaves shape like the two hemispheres of the cerebral cortex. No wonder they have healing effects for cognitive dysfunction like Alzheimers, anxiety and depression. There happen to be two gingko trees outside our sunny studio in California. Known for living for 1,000 years, Gingko is a living fossil, unchanged for more than 200 million years. However, Ginkgo biloba is listed as endangered plant in the IUCN red list of threatened species. There is hardly any wild population of Ginkgo exists, majority of the trees are existing in the cultivated form and million of the dollar industry has cashed in based on the medicinal properties of the leaves. We pack one gingko leave for each pair of earrings. We thank you for your generous support for this cause.


The Emerald City Collection is inspired by the 12th century Persian poems, Haft Peykar, "Seven Princesses". The Arabian princess lives in the Green Pavilion of Moon, representing Monday of the week. In this story, green represents integrity, faith and true love.