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Our Story

Christine Joy

Founder and Designer

I founded Christine Joy Studio in California. I design crystal jewelry that spark joy. We use high quality genuine gemstones. Every piece is crafted in sunny California. 

Our first seven collections are inspired by the 12th century Persian poems, Haft Peykar, "Seven Princesses". Each day of the week, a princess from a different culture tells a story of her favorite color. Each collection we choose a genuine gemstone of the corresponding color from the story. 

When I was an MBA student, I started using crystal in meditation. Then I wanted to wear crystal daily for spiritual up-lifting. I couldn't find any chic crystal jewelry, so I made my first pair of turquoise earrings. Turquoise is the stone for the throat chakra and it opens up the throat chakra and encourages one to speak up for oneself and speak the truth. I was required to do a lot of public speaking at business school, maybe it was the turquoise crystal, it really helped me to get out of my shell and became comfortable with speaking in front of a large audience. I got many compliments everywhere I went, which encouraged me to post my designs on instagram. What was merely a fun hobby turned out to be something I built into a career.  

Every piece I design are filled with joy. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process, from choosing gemstones, design, photographing to marketing. The many challenges of being an entrepreneur allows me to build resilience and believe in my own inner strength. I wish my jewelry will bring each of you as much beauty and joy as they have brought me. It is with your support that allows me to enjoy the freedom of being an independent designer. Let's enjoy the ride together.